About Privacy Online

Privacy Online has been founded by Mark Heyink and Stephan Potgieter with the aim of providing a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the protection of personal information in South Africa.

Mark is an attorney who has been at the forefront of the development of the Protection of Personal Information Act as well other electronic information related legislation and is also qualified and has extensive experience in the discipline of Information Security.

Stephan is a technologist who has qualified as a Certified Information Privacy Professional and holds a CIPP (US) and a CIPP (IT).

While well qualified to deal with most of the issues that will confront South African entities and individuals in addressing compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, other related legislation and good practices, Privacy Online will seek associations with trusted third parties who are able to provide expertise in disciplines and approaches that may be required to comply with relevant legislation. We will seek to provide clients with a choice of subject experts who may be engaged to address their requirements.

Resumés detailing the skills of Privacy Online professionals and trusted associates may be found at People and Associates